Institutions of higher education are committed to fostering research opportunities and partnerships that lead to breakthrough discoveries. The substantive law of research compliance includes effort reporting, conflicts of interest, research misconduct, export controls, human subjects, use of animals, and grant accounting, among other areas. This page provides a starting point for administrators, faculty members, and students to ensure compliance with federal regulations governing research.

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Resource Pages


Guide to Implementing a Safety Culture by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities

Comments on New Safeguarding Requirements in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations System
03/7/16, AAU, COGR

Research Update: OMB Uniform Guidance and New Data Sharing Requirements Lock
Mary Schmiedel, Wililam Ferreira

Research Compliance From 10,000 Feet Lock
Farida Lada, Mathew Varughese

United States Government Policy for Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern
March 29 2012, National Institutes of Health

U.S. Proposes Greater Transparency--and Burdens--Tied to Biomedical Funds Lock
2010, AGB, Pamela J. Bernard

The Fundamentals of Sponsored Research in the University Setting
June 2013, NACUA, Robert E. Bienstock, Theresa J. Colecchia

Basics of Research Compliance: Research Intellectual Property, Federal Grants Administration, and Research Misconduct
2009, Alexander Dreier, Ann Adams, Jennifer Stillerman, NACUA, Nancy Tribbensee

Compensation, Effort Commitments and Certification
COGR, March 1 2007

Managing Externally Funded Research Programs: A Guide to Effective Management Practices (2009)
COGR, July 1 2009

COGR Brochure - Export Controls and Universities - Information and Case Studies
COGR, January 2 2004

21 Questions on Technology Transfer
COGR, July 9 2010, Robert Hardy

Tutorial on Technology Transfer
CIP Committee, COGR, October 18 2011, Robert Hardy

Faculty Appointments at Academic Medical Centers
August 17 2010, COGR

Protecting Patients, Preserving Integrity, Advancing Health: Accelerating the Implementation of COI Policies in Human Subjects Research
2008, AAMC, Association of American Medical Colleges, Association of American Universities

Implementing the Final Rule on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service Funded Research
2012, AAMC, Association of American Medical Colleges

Access to, Sharing and Retention of Research Data: Rights and Responsibilities, March 2012.
Carol Blum, COGR, Mar 1 2012

Federal Research Compliance 101: What Counsel Needs to Know
Jennifer Stillerman, Jun 1 2013, Mary Lee Brown, NACUA, William Ferreira

Who Can Obtain Access to Research Data? Protecting Research Data Against Compelled Disclosure
Ellen Auriti, February 27 2013, Margaret Wu, NACUA, Nancy Greenan Hamill, Sunil Kulkarni