International Activities and Programs

Colleges and universities are increasingly looking abroad for research opportunities and to carry out their educational missions. From running a small research project with faculty of a different university to setting up a campus abroad, international activities are becoming more important to many universities. Pursuit of these projects requires effective operational structures and compliance with U.S. and international laws.

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Resource Pages


Guidelines for Internships Abroad
The Forum on Education Abroad

Guidelines for Community Engagement, Service-Learning, and Volunteer Experiences Abroad
The Forum on Education Abroad

Guidelines for Undergraduate Health-Related Experiences Abroad
The Forum on Education Abroad

"International Privacy Laws. . . Yes, Those New EU Regulations Do Apply to You!" Lock
Bret Cohen, Gian Franco Borio and William Hoye

NACUA Resources on the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation Lock

Changes to U.S. Department of State Consular Messaging (aka Replacing the Travel Warning/Alert system) Attachments 

The Art and Romance of Deploying and Employing Staff Abroad Lock
and John Gloster, Lisa Rae, William Ferreira

Crisis Management for Education Abroad
March 2017, NAFSA

Sexual Misconduct, Education Abroad and Title IX/Clery Act
February 2017, The Forum on Education Abroad

Updated: The Clery Act and Overseas/Distance Study: New Development and Compliance Guidance, 2016 Edition
NACUA (Author: Joseph Storch)

GRAC: Risk Management Considerations Regarding the Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Title IX When Students Study Abroad

Navigating Privacy and Data Security in an International Environment Lock

Global Operational Compliance, 44th Annual Conference
University Risk Management and Insurance Association, URMIA

Global Operational Compliance Lock

Emerging Institutional Models for Managing International Activity: Legal Counsel's Role
2011, Ann Anderson, Carrie O'Neill, NACUA, William Nicholson, Willis Wang

Partnering Abroad: Understanding Opportunities and Risk
2011, John S. Russell, NACUA

Legal Pitfalls and Pratfalls in Overseas Ventures Lock
2009, AGB, Martin Michaelson

Charitable Gift Law by Country Lock

Increasing Regulatory and Compliance Requirements with International Activities
ACUA, Bob Lammey, May 7 2012

NACUANOTE: Federal Disability Laws - Do They Translate to Study Abroad Programs?
Allison Charney, April 26 2012, Josh Whitlock, NACUA

URMIA Webinar: Implications of the Clery Act and Title IX for Overseas and Distance Locations
Feb 5 2013, Joseph Storch, URMIA

Employing Personnel Overseas: Getting It Right
Donald C. Dowling Jr., June 2013, NACUA

IES Abroad MAP (Model Assessment Practice) for Student Health, Safety & Crisis Management
Bill Hoye, IES Abroad, October 2013, Peter McDonough