College and university board members are critical partners in ensuring that their institutions are compliant with federal laws and regulations. Moreover, boards themselves can be subject to a number of laws and regulations with which they must comply. The following resources address these issues and provide helpful information for those who govern colleges and universities.

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501(c)(3) DUE DILIGENCE Form 990 Checklist

Freedom of Speech on Campus: Guidelines for Governing Boards and Institutional Leaders
Association of Governing Boards

Good Risk Management is Good Governance
Association of Governing Boards

A Wake-up Call: Enterprise Risk Management at Colleges and Universities Today
Association of Governing Boards

Losing Ground Risk Assessment
Association of Governing Boards

Board Member and Legal Counsel:  Some Suggested Rules of the Road
Association of Governing Boards

Are You Sacrificing Your Reputation to Protect Sacred Cows?
Association of Governing Boards

Welcome to Compliance U: The Board's Role in the Regulatory Era
Association of Governing Boards

Fashioning an Institutional Response to Government Regulations
Association of Governing Boards

Setting Presidential Compensation:  What Board Members Need to Know
Association of Governing Boards

The Vital Responsibility of Reviewing Contracts
Association of Governing Boards

AGB Board of Directors' Statement on the Fiduciary Duties of Governing Board Members Lock

The Supreme Court Sends an Unanticipated Signal on Free-Speech Rights

Marijuana: The Implications of an Evolving Legal Environment

Government & Regulatory Affairs Blast: Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Risk Management
University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA)

Management and Governance Checklist for Institutionally Related Foundations Lock

New Strategies for Managing Risks: A Balancing Act for Boards Lock
2012, AGB, Stephen Pelletier

The Big Risk in Not Assessing Risk Lock
2012, AGB, Merrill Schwartz

Preparing for an IRS Audit of Executive Compensation Decisions Lock
2012, AGB, Raymond Cotton

The Whys and Wherefores of Whistleblowing Lock
2012, AGB, Lawrence White

Growing Demands for Public Records: How Should Boards Respond? Lock
2012, AGB, Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Robert O'Neil

September 2011 State Governance Action Report
2011, AGB

Will Your Institution Pass the Financial-Responsibility Test?
2011, AGB, Kent John Chabotar

What Does the 'Federalization' of Accreditation Mean for Boards and Institutions
2011, AGB, Judith Eaton
- AGB Podcast

Why Do the New Financial Industry Regulations Matter to Higher Education? Lock
2011, AGB, Pamela J. Bernard

New Roles, New Rules Accreditation: What Trustees Need to Know and Do
2010, AGB, Ralph Wolff

AGB, "AGB Statement on Board Accountability"
2007, AGB

AGB Governance Brief: Risk Management

AGB Governance Brief: Fiduciary Duties

NACUANOTE: Sarbanes-Oxley, Corporate Responsibility and Colleges and Universities
2003, Howard Zweig, Michael Peregrine, NACUA

Governing Board Accountability: Competition, Regulation, and Accreditation Lock
2010, Judith Areen, NACUA

Compliance and Internal Audit: A Dangerous Combination?
ACUA, May 7 2012, Sheryl Vacca, Urton Anderson

Penn State and Principles of Institutional Governance Lock
2012, AGB, Jul 1, Lawrence White

A Question for...Thomas K. Hyatt: What Challenges Do Boards Face in Setting the President's Compensation?
AGB, May/June 2013

The Compensation Committee
2013, AGB, Thomas Hyatt

Risk Management: An Accountability Guide for University and College Boards
2013, AGB, Janice M. Abraham

Fiduciary Behavior: What's the Responsible Trustee to Do (and Not Do)?
2013, AGB, March/April

Concerns and Forecasts (and Perhaps a Surprise) from Campus Lawyers
AGB, January/February 2013, Lawrence White

Report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines
October 7 2003, U.S. Sentencing Commission Ad Hoc Advisory Group