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What Non-Research Institutions Need to Know About Export Controls
2011, Carol Carr, Justin Smith, NACUA, Nelson Dong
- Attachment: PowerPoint Presentation
- Attachment: U.S. Export Control Laws: A Quick Reference Guide for University Counsel, Nelson Dong and Lawrence Ward
- Attachment: Compliance Materials: Export Controls and Trade Sanctions
- Attachment: 15 CFR Part 734, Supplement 1: Questions and Answers - Technology and Software Subject to the EAR
- Attachment: Memorandum: Compliance with Export Control Laws / Washington and Lee University
- Attachment: Export Control Glossary

Export Controls for Research Institutions: Are We Having Fun Yet?
2011, Ellen Auriti, NACUA, Nelson Dong, Robert Roach
Attachment: United States of America v. John Reece Roth
Attachment: Memorandum on New Export Compliance Certification Required for H-1B Petitions
Attachment: I-129 Export Control Compliance Certification Form
Attachment: I-129 Deemed Export Questionnaire
Attachment: Deemed Export Control Questionnaire for H-1B and O-1A Petitioners Only

What Do Boards Need to Know About Presidential Housing and the IRS Form 990? Lock
2011, AGB, Thomas K. Hyatt

Emerging Institutional Models for Managing International Activity: Legal Counsel's Role
2011, Ann Anderson, Carrie O'Neill, NACUA, William Nicholson, Willis Wang

Partnering Abroad: Understanding Opportunities and Risk
2011, John S. Russell, NACUA

Risky Business: Student Entrepreneurial Activities on Campus Lock
2011, AGB, Pamela J. Bernard

Online Education: Where is it Going and What Should Boards Know?
2011, AGB, Ellen Wagner, Kenneth Green

Employee's Use of Web 2.0: Take this Job and Tweet It
2011, NACUA, Peter Land, Priya Harjani, Youndy Cook

The New Frontiers of Peer-to-Peer Sexual Harassment: Sexting, Cyber-Bullying, and Electronic Harassment
2011, Amy Gajda, Daniel Wilkerson, NACUA

U.S. Department of Education - Regulations on Gainful Employment - Debt Measures

Summary of U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia's Ruling on APSCU v. Duncan
2011, ACE

Navigating the Regulatory Highway: A Practical Guide to Interpreting, Implementing and Complying with DOE's Program Integrity Rules
2011, Jay Urwitz, Laura Warren, Laurence Pendleton, NACUA, Robert Roach, Terry Hartle

NACUANOTE: U.S. Department of Education Program Integrity Rules - Part I: State Authorization, Incentive Payments, and Misrepresentation
2011, Elizabeth Meers, NACUA, Stephanie Gold

NACUANOTE: U.S. Department of Education Program Integrity Rules - Part II: Defining the Credit Hour, and Disclosure and Reporting Obligations
2011, Elizabeth Meers, NACUA, Stephanie Gold

NACUANOTE: U.S. Department of Education Program Integrity Rules - Part III: Gainful Employment Programs - Definition, Disclosure, Reporting, New Programs, Metrics, and Sanctions
2011, Elizabeth Meers, NACUA, Stephanie Gold

Information Required to Be Disclosed Under the Higher Education Act of 1965: Suggestions for Dissemination - A Supplemental Report
2011, Andrea Sykes, NPEC

U.S. Dept. of Education - "Dear Colleague" Letter on Sexual Violence
2011, U.S. Dept. of Education

It's Beyond Athletics: New Efforts to Push the Frontiers of Title IX Liability for Sexual Misconduct
2011, Amy Foerster, Gloria Hage, NACUA

September 2011 State Governance Action Report
2011, AGB

Will Your Institution Pass the Financial-Responsibility Test?
2011, AGB, Kent John Chabotar